Tomorrow the exhibition ‘Filip Custic in conversation with César Manrique’ opens

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The César Manrique Foundation will inaugurate next Friday, May 17, at 8:00 p.m., in the gallery room of its headquarters in Taro de Tahíche, the exhibition ‘Filip Custic in conversation with César Manrique’, curated by Belinda Martín Porras, whose central content is the reinterpretation of a mobile sculpture from the series of ‘Juguetes del viento’ developed by Manrique.

The installation of Filip Custic will be a total experience that combines sculpture, 3D animation, video art, sound and augmented reality. The main piece is a hyperrealistic kinetic sculpture based on a mobile by César Manrique, made to scale and resemblance to Custic. Its title is: (hyperrealistic ego) + (wind toy) =.

The sculpture is surrounded by glass plates that generate various lighting and optical effects, which together with the internal engine of the piece, achieve the movement of it. The piece is animated by the reference to the work of Manrique. While the motor of the mobile sculptures was wind, nature, for Custic the engine becomes something that is inside the work itself and the subject.

The exhibition will also take place in the digital world, which Custic always tries to combine with the physical. For this, the artist has developed an Instagram filter of his humanoid replica, which will form an active part of the exhibition and which will allow the viewer to interact with Manrique’s legacy in an unprecedented way. With this action, Custic not only generates a limbo between online and offline reality, but also seeks to create a synthesis between nature, technology and the whole of humanity that is also part of the experience of the exhibition.

The idea of ​​the exhibition, which can be visited from May 17 to September 1, is to recover the work of César Manrique to integrate it into our present, through the work of Custic. The artist takes up the innovative and pioneering character of Manrique, updating the maxim that art is an organic process capable of positively transforming not only the natural environment, but also the psychic and physical characteristics of the human being.

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