The sculptor Rigoberto Camacho, unites modern culture with traditional in his exhibit’Sicretismo’

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Inspiration taken from objects or certain cultural traditions of Lanzarote; anthropological elements linked to the territory and the island landscape; new and old sculpture materials, such as plaster, modeling or 3D printing; and a contemporary language that mixes figuration with abstraction. All these are some of the ingredients that the sculptor Rigoberto Camacho has used for the pieces included in Sincretismo, the individual exhibition that he will exhibit at the CIC El Almacén since January 24.

The exhibition was presented today at the same CIC El Almacén. Camacho is a professor of sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid. The author explained the process that has led him to the creation of these pieces: “I have always been very interested in the mixture of cultures and the combination of different elements – in their origin, origin, material or cultural root – that when combined , when merged, they can give rise to new combinations and, in that way, generate new languages”.

“That is why I take elements of cultural tradition and anthropology, ancient materials and usual sculpture techniques, such as carving or plaster, and the language of figuration, and mix them with modern elements, materials such as 3D printing or abstraction”, Camacho said.

The sculptor said that for him it was a pride to be able to “exhibit at the CIC El Almacén, a space that can be heard even in Madrid, for the quality of its programming and for the professionalism of its workers”, and encouraged the public to attend To see his work.

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