The restoration of the Tiagua Mill adds another element to the heritage of Lanzarote

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The Tiagua MIll is one of the best preserved heritage assets of the grinding industry that is currently in Lanzarote. It stands out for the quality of its construction, but also for its historical dimension, since this mill, located in the heart of the town of Tiagua, had a great transcendence in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, being the reference of milling for many families, not only from Tiagua, but also from La Vegueta, Tinajo, Tao, Soo and Muñique.

Now, after months of works for its restoration, the mill returns to look like it deserves. It is a property that is included in the Catalog of Protection of the Architectural and Monumental Heritage of Lanzarote and in the Municipal Architectural Catalog of Teguise.

The good conservation of this mill is due to its operation lasted until the middle of the twentieth century. Its penultimate restoration dates back to 1983, carried out by master craftsman Domingo Abreut, professor at the School of Arts and Crafts. However, tropical storm Delta, in 2005, caused significant damage to the blades and the balcony of the mill.

In fact, among the restoration and conservation works carried out now on this property, the replacement of the blades and the manufacture and placement of a new balcony, as well as the wooden doors, the construction of a staircase to access the first one, stand out. Plant with original rungs and the change of a part of the milling machinery.

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