The physical theater of ‘Un poyo rojo’ arrives this Wednesday in Lanzarote

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With ‘Un poyo rojo’ it is not known if a circence show, a play, a contemporary dance show or a stunt recital will be seen. It can be all that together and more. A Poyo Rojo, the physical theater of the Argentine company of the same name, arrives this Wednesday in Lanzarote within the programming of the Canary Islands Performing Arts Festival (CAE), with which the Island Council collaborates.

After touring France, Canada, Argentina and half of Spain, this work comes to the islands without words. Only gestures and movements that, sometimes, remind the fight and, in others, circus acrobatics. This is the spectacle of the Argentine Luciano Rosso and Nicolás Poggi.

An unusual play without more voice than the one projected by the speaker of a small radio on stage. A radio, in addition, that is tuned live and that makes improvisation guide the show along paths never explored in previous performances.

Through this gesture, Argentine artists will lead us to witness a story in which two men face, challenge and seduce each other. A mixture of acrobatics and comedy that seeks to make the audience reflect and laugh. In short, a sample of “physical theater”, as the interpreters themselves call their show, during which they will become pampering, clowns, dancers, acrobats and fighters.

Tickets cost 10 euros. To purchase them you can follow this link.

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