The mythical story of Peter Pan will invade this Saturday El Salinero

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J.M. Barrie wrote a story that quickly became an indelible classic. In it, all the children grow up, except one: Peter Pan. The Wendy girl leaves her house and marches, flying with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, to Neverland, a magical island, with lost children, fairies and mermaids , to live fantastic adventures in the company of the Indians, fighting with the pirates and Captain Hook. Finally, Wendy returns home with the lost children.

This story serves the company The Blue Dog Theater to create a beautiful and colorful family show in which actors, masks and puppets bring the famous characters to life to enjoy the beauty of young and old.

As they claim from the company itself, “Peter Pan and Wendy is a story of love, loneliness, and finally a fable about time. All these issues make her immortal, eternal, unable to grow old, as her protagonist. Her humor, her adventurous, rebellious and mobile structure and the charm of its fantastic narration make it a perfect work for boys and girls. And, why not, also for adults who do not forget their childhood. ”

Peter Pan and Wendy is directed by Jorge Padín, who also takes care of the dramaturgy and the scenic space. The actors Gemma Figuera and Fernando Moreno are responsible for giving life to Peter Pan and Wendy, as well as all the puppets and masks that appear on stage, which in turn have been created and designed by Carlos Pérez. The original music is the work of Elena Aranoa and Nacho Urgarte.

Peter Pan and Wendy can be seen this Saturday, October 26, at 6:00 p.m., at the Víctor Fernández Gopar Theater “El Salinero”. To buy tickets you just have to follow <strong>this link.

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