The exhibition ‘The landscape as a cultural product’ aims to open the debate on the alteration of the island

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The hermitage of San Antonio, in Tías, will host from 20:00 on Friday, January 31, the inauguration of ‘The landscape as a cultural product’, exhibition framed in the program of the X Biennial Meeting ArteLanzarote organized by the Centers of Art, Culture and Tourism.

This exhibition compares the respective modes of observation and study of the territory of two multidisciplinary teams, one American and the other from the Canary Islands, who tune into their conception of the landscape as a cultural product. On the one hand, it offers an overview of the activities, methodology and research on the human footprint on the landscape developed by CLUI (The Center for Land Use Interpretation, California, 1994) on North American soil and relates them to the work of Marta Peña and Jaime Gil, agricultural engineers, who conducts ethnobotanical research on the vascular flora of Lanzarote as a Biosphere Reserve, cultivation techniques in traditional agriculture, the recovery of varieties of ancient crops, the interpretation of the agricultural landscape and the cataloging of the island ethnoflora , among others.

‘The landscape as a cultural product’ intends to open an international debate as it offers an exhaustive project on the alteration of El Jable, along with the observation and denunciation of the transformations suffered by the protected landscape of La Geria and surrounding spaces through photographic images , of aerial views and different texts, which will complement a guided tour of the landscapes of La Geria and El Jable, free and open to citizens.

The exhibition also includes a selection of CLUI projects, such as Subterranean Renovations: The Unique Architectural Spaces of Show Caves, which connect with such an idiosyncratic issue of the island such as cuevismo, Hollowed Earth: The Underground World of Business Parks, and visual and textual information about other initiatives of this institution on human footprints in the territory.

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