The exhibition ‘The index finger’ of Pepe Vera opens this Thursday at El Almacén

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The index finger ‘will be exhibited in the El Cubo room of the CIC El Almacén from next Thursday, October 24, and can be seen until January 11. This is the first individual exhibition of the photographer Pepe Vera in this space in which, as he himself recalled, his first exhibition “was a collective with only seventeen or eighteen years of age.”

“The idea of ​​this exhibition is part of Alberto Ruiz Sánchez’s book, also entitled ‘The index finger’, and his sleepwalking philosophy. That idea of ​​getting carried away on trips – because in the end they are photos of trips and places where I have state – and more than going to look for something, to go hunting images, the idea is rather that you meet them “explained Pepe Vera himself this morning.

The photographer from Lanzarote added that he was trying to make the images surprise him, “in a fleeting encounter with them. But it is not an astonishment understood as a visual impact, because they just surprise me, but precise moments that had something special for me And that is what I have tried to capture and reflect with this series, “Pepe Vera concluded in his speech.

‘The index finger’, tries to present “unique, fortuitous and unrepeatable encounters,” writes Pepe Betancort in the text of the brochure that accompanies the exhibition. The coordinator of exhibitions of Culture Lanzarote adds that “Lisbon, Porto, Berlin, Prague, Granada, Paris or London are part of the scenarios of this visual geography of images taken from their trips, in the form of instants captured forever. Unexpected images and fleeting, suspended in a non-time, while life goes on inexorably.Pepe Vera’s camera, through her index finger, tries to touch what we do not see, what is hidden and escapes with the naked eye, in an attempt to catch the fugacity of a chance encounter or the surprising beauty of the invisible of that precise moment

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