The Cervantes Institute of London hosted the presentation of the book ‘The British connection with Lanzarote and the Canary Islands’

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The Cervantes Institute in London hosted the presentation of the book ‘The British connection with Lanzarote and the Canary Islands. 600 years of history ‘(Ediciones Remotas, 2018), by English journalist and music producer Larry Yaskiel, settled on the island of Lanzarote for 40 years.

About 200 people – mainly British, Spaniards and Canarian residents in London – met at the headquarters of the institution that looks after Spanish culture in the United Kingdom.

Larry Yaskiel is a British music producer and journalist based in Lanzarote since 1979 and editor of one of the first English magazines in Spain. In the book Yaskiel, he reviews the more than fifty chapters that reflect the events and characters that have linked the United Kingdom and the Canary Islands for 600 years.

The author had special words for the historian who guided him in the first steps of the research carried out, Agustín Pallarés, and expressed his wish that the publication get distribution in the Spanish-British educational centers of the United Kingdom.

The act was part of what was called, by the Cervantes Institute itself, as “Lanzarote Day”, since it dedicated that day to the culture of the island, collaborating in the organization of the Lanzarote Ensemble concert at Saint Paul’s Covent Garden with great success .

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