Susana Pannullo’s “Of the spiritual in Art” can visited from today

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The Argentine painter Susana Pannullo exposes from this Wednesday November 28 and until January 28, the exhibition “Of the Spiritual in Art” in the House of Culture of the Villa de Teguise.

The title of the work hides the look towards the abstract of the artist. His work aims to be spiritual in its context, but also literary and musical. “It is a liberating river that advances from the deepest interstices of its soul wanting to make its way in the midst of a world devoid of artistic interests.”

The curator of the exhibition highlights the intimacy of the exhibition that takes us into the more personal side of Susana, which has favored this exhibition hall. “When walking among these works, the visitor breathes the world of the Abstract”. “We feel very close to the artist, his life, his ideas …”

In Susana, the symbolism of colors, which along the path of life underlie in her interior, is manifested in all her paintings in a dreamlike way, highlighting in her traces of matter a bold and unbridled struggle for life, those passions disordered, that heartbreaking energy that runs incessantly and does not stop.

The passionate red, the black, and the white, the longed for silence, the infinite peace, the grays, the previous step to the light. All this speaks to us of his daily becoming, of his continuous search. The harmony of colors must be manifested only in the principle of adequate contact with the human soul, that is, in what we shall call the principle of inner need.


Buenos Aires, Argentina, licensed in Fine Arts. His work has been exhibited in different art fairs and exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​London, Mexico and the USA. His works are in the most prestigious galleries in Europe and America.

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