Palabras al Vuelo 2019 begins its programming this thursday

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The Municipal Library of Tías is the place chosen to start the seventh edition of the Lanzarote Storytelling Festival Palabras al Vuelo, which starts this Thursday, October 17, at 8 pm.

The event will be inaugurated with a conference told by Cristina Temprano about all those stories that have traveled and traveled humanity as a testimony of our common history. The paper will discover the listener “the social and political character of the stories.” The title of the conference is “Word and society. The oral tradition as a constructive element of the identity of the peoples ”.

The Words to Flight festival 2019 will tour, from October 17 to 27, in Lanzarote new scenarios through new narrating voices. From the Cueva de los Verdes – where the Collective Story Planet function will be held – you will arrive at Curita beach (Playa Honda), La Geria and Tinamala mountain, without leaving theaters, libraries and cultural centers.

The aim of the festival is to continue producing spectacles of the most ancestral scenic art, oral narration, which has a loyal, heterogeneous and increasingly large audience on the island.

To know the program you can follow this link.

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