Lanzarote wants to spread the native sports among the students of the island

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Cabildo de Lanzarote, through the Insular Sports Service, has launched a new edition of the informative project ‘Initiation to the traditional games and sports of the Canary Islands 2019’, in collaboration with Treking Lanzarote, and which is aimed at Primary students of the island.

Thus, during this first school term, more than one thousand students, between 10 and 12 years old, will be able to meet and practice various Canarian games and sports from different eras, such as the shepherd’s jump, handball, pineapple, tangana, Canarian ball and fight, elusive game, spinning top or billiards, among others.

Each traditional game or sport workshop that is taught in schools begins with a theoretical explanation to learn more about its origins, its practical evolution to the present, techniques or tactics. Afterwards, the participating students have the opportunity to train, through practical classes and small competitions.

Students will be provided with detailed information of the different municipal or island schools in case they wish to continue practicing the activity. In short, and as has happened in previous editions, this initiation will allow children to be interested in these traditional sports and continue their training in the different clubs or schools of the island.

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