‘In the midst of her pride’, a retrospective of Manrique without Manrique

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The idea starts with a retrospective of César Manrique without César Manrique. Inaugurated in the afternoon yesterday at the Casa de la Cultura Agustín de la Hoz, ‘In the midst of its pride’ revolves around statements made by César Manrique in 1979.

“In the midst of his pride, [man] has always wanted to impose his system on others across borders, flags, nationalities, religions, political systems, armed groups, mental super-structures and a long list of social recipes and policies that have nothing to do with the elementary and biological principles that govern nature, and that have chained the species to a destiny without a north unable to make us see a future of happiness “.

Curated by Adonay Bermúdez, the show revolves around the social commitment of the words of Manrique transformed into the talk of 14 Canarian artists: Juan Hidalgo, PSJM, Noelia Villena, Raisa Maudit, Acaymo S. Cuesta, Néstor Torrens, Magnolia Soto, Manolo Millares, Mariví Gallardo, Nicolás Laiz Placeres, Miguel G. Morales, Luna Bengoechea, Miriam Durango and Marea Negra.

The foundation of the project was to try to discover what Manrique would have said or done if he were still alive today. The exhibition, free of charge, can be visited until August 3 at the Casa de la Cultura Agustín de la Hoz.

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