[Hiking] From Los Ancones to Los Cocoteros

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The small coastal town of Los Ancones, metaphorically separated from everything but just a few hundred meters of touristic town of Costa Teguise, is the starting point for this curious path that extends around 7 kilometers to the settlement of Los Cocoteros, on the border with the municipality of Haría.

Los Ancones, place of tidy houses and environment of another time, is shaped like a quadrilateral in several levels. The line of this magical square closest to the sea is the one that starts this path. You just have to follow this street until you leave the town and continue the journey marked on the land that, if you follow it in the direction of the sea, will soon be lava.

The strong lava flows of Los Ancones come from the Corona Mountain explosion occurred in the Pleistocene. There began the spills of magma that reached the old coastline and penetrated into the sea forming one of the most pronounced headlands of the eastern coast of Lanzarote.

Its location in a coastal environment gave rise to explosive processes of contact between lava and water and the formation of spectacular pseudocraters on its surface. The existence of these prominent reliefs on the cast has favored their dismantling due to the weather conditions and the generation of multiple plains on the same coast.

The vision of the sea, almost always raging, breaking its waves against the random formations of lava is a spectacular vision that accompanies all the way. Its conservation status is excellent and its observation conditions are very good, with an access trail and numerous low difficulty trails that allow crossing the LIG through the pseudocraters or following the coastline.

How to get there

To find the starting point you have to head towards Costa Teguise and take, once there, the Avenida de Las Palmeras that leads to a roundabout just at the end of the town. At that roundabout take the right and immediately afterwards to the left along a dirt road that leads directly to the town of Los Ancones. That is the starting point.


From Los Ancones to Los Cocoteros there is something more than 7 kilometers along the coastline. A one-way trip would take between 1 hour and a half and 2 hours. The 14 kilometers round trip would reach almost 4 hours with the corresponding stops to feed. You can also start the journey from Los Ancones and turn around at any time when you feel that you have seen everything.




Good footwear because the terrain is irregular. Apply sunscreen. Take protection against the wind because it is abundant and constant. Do not get too close to the sea and do not get into it.

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