El Almacén already tastes the flavor of sculpting a David while the theater mumbles

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Tomorrow, Friday is a very important day for the cultural programming of El Almacén: from the first hour three exhibitions can be visited simultaneously by Luna Bengoechea, Damián Rodríguez and Daniel Jordán.

‘Flavor’, ‘Sculpting David’ and ‘The Theater mumbles’ propose three different reflections that have as a central axis the human being and his imprint on Earth. Both physical and intangible, from the artistic point of view as well as from the environmental perspective.

The artists in their words

Luna Bengoechea: “My exhibition has a strong content of social complaint, because through art I want to focus on how the food industry is selling us ultra-processed foods, hiding many of the additives it adds, as well as abusing products such as corn, palm oil, sugar, wheat, or rice, with tragic consequences on the environment and biodiversity. “

Damián Rodríguez: “Experienced with the use of new materials and, above all, with the representative game of gender identity, I use pink and blue as stereotyped colors on the masculine and feminine, to turn them around and represent both figures as the chromatism from a pinto of new sight, more tolerant and integrating “.

Daniel Jordán: “My goal is to turn around the vision we have of art and exhibitions, I have gathered in Murmulla all the theater my most scenographic pieces, since I want to remove certain transcendence to the exhibition fact. more ironic point of view, more fun, more playful, almost like a game and a divertimento, in which the public plays a fundamental role “.

The exhibitions will open this Friday at 8:00 pm at El Almacén and will be on display until September 21st.

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