[EDITORIAL] Cooltura, what is it?

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In Lanzarote it is very common to hear that there has only been known about a cultural event, leisure or sports after it happened, that has not been publicized enough or that has not been found information on where, how and when anywhere.

Cooltura, digital magazine of culture and leisure of the island of Lanzarote, begins its journey ready to generate a product of quality, attractive and enhancer of culture that can promote more and better bonds of union within society.

Cooltura has an international vocation, becoming the first fully bilingual magazine on the island of Lanzarote. On the island there are multiple nationalities that, on occasions, remain outside the cultural circuit. All Cooltura information can also be read in English with the exponential projection of the events that this entails for the benefit of the island and the organizers.

Cooltura was born with the aim of fighting against the lack of appetite with which cultural information is handled in conventional local media. In the local press, the concept of information is reduced to a mere succession of press releases a posteriori. In Cooltura, the information will not only come from the institutional sources, but we will be in the places where things happen to inform first-hand.

Cooltura wants to give its place to all cultural events that happen on the island, whether institutional or private. The Lanzarote cultural agenda is largely nourished by the events promoted by public institutions, but there are also a large number of events generated by the private initiative that do not have the potential to reach the public of Lanzarote. In Cooltura we will work so that all cultural events have their place in the magazine and are part of our agenda which will always be open to promote under no conditions what happens on the island.

Cooltura has a marked goal to be a meeting place for those who want to plan their days through culture. For this reason, it offers an annual calendar of cultural, sports and leisure events constantly updated so that the reader of the magazine can know at all times what things can be done at any time of the year. In addition, the magazine will inform about the most important events in the Canary Islands so that the reader can plan cultural visits to other islands.

Cooltura aims to deepen the protagonists of art, cinema, theater and literature; and intends to better explain and with more time the cultural products that we have at our disposal. Interviews with the protagonists of the culture, reports on future and past events that help to better understand the context, chronicles and reviews will be common agents in Cooltura columns.

Cooltura wants to be that place for conversation, that meeting point of the cultural information of the island, the place where to find what to do in Lanzarote because nothing will be left out and fill that gap for those who need to find all the events that take place with an information treatment different from the rest of the media. The debate about what culture is and what is not, is a question that must be addressed by those who seek to be well informed.

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