40 artists from around the world for the MalabHaría 2019

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Loyal to hits annual appointment as the first major cultural event of the year in Lanzarote, MalabHaría returns to the streets of Haría on days 2, 3 and 4 of January. The intention is to consolidate the success of previous years where it brings together around 3000 spectators in each edition.

Coinciding with its twelfth edition, the International Festival of Circus of Haría has a poster of international vocation and of high level that includes companies from 3 continents, and countries such as Spain, Chile, France, Russia, Belgium, Colombia or Brazil.

In total, there will be more than 40 artists from 17 companies who will pass through the Plaza and the Haría Pavilion to be held between January 2 and 4, with a preview on Saturday, December 29 and a closing Christmas cabaret on the January 5th.


The MalabHaría 2019 will take place mainly between January 2, 3 and 4, 2019, but there will be a preview of the festival on Saturday, December 29, and a Christmas cabaret on January 5.

On December 29 will begin activities with the conference “History of Contemporary Circus”, by Javier Jiménez, since the modern circus turns 250 years during 2019. It will be at 11.30 am at the CSC La Tegala, with free admission .

That same day, at 12.30 in the Plaza de Haría, the company of Paca Prenda will perform, with his show “Desamparo”. Free admission.

On January 2, at the Haria Pavilion, the company Kadavresky (France) will perform with its show “L’Effet Escargot …”. It will be at 20.30, with tickets at 5 euros.

On January 3 begin galas in the Pabellón de Haría, but before, at 5:30 pm, there will be another free show for all ages in the Plaza de Haría. The company La Bella Tour stages its show of the same title “La Bella Tour”. And at 20.30 in the Sports Pavilion of Haría, with tickets at 5 euros, Pablo Rada (Spain) with mast, Lola Paca Preda (clown, Spain); Cía Voel (equlibrio ball, Spain); Darío Dumont (curlers, Spain); Marilén Ribot & Matías (Cyr wheel, Spain / Chile); Miguel and Noemi (juggling, Colombia / Spain); Iara Gueller (aro aéro, Brazil); and Antonio Vargas (verticals, Spain). The people in charge of guiding the gala will be Vaques

On January 4, the day begins again at the Plaza de Haría, at 5:30 p.m., with the company La Nórdika (Spain), which will stage its show “Rojo estándar”. Free entrance.

That day, at 20.30, again at the Pabellón de Haría and with tickets at 5 euros, the second gala with a full lineup that includes Pepe Viyuela (clown, Spain); Leti & Fer (portés, Spain); Cia Voel (picture koreao, Spain); DanyZoo (circus dance, Spain) Tripotes (scale, Belgium / Spain); Ikin Dmitry (balls, Russia). Vaques will again make presentations and guide the gala.

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